Virtual Credit Card


Virtual Credit Cards are issued by European and Asian banks. Their expiry date varies from 24hrs - 3months after creation. They are mainly used to shop online where merchants don't use Address Verification Systems (AVS) to authenticate orders.

Our Virtual Credit Cards have been successfully used on Payza, Amazon, 2Checkout, eBay India, Google Adwords, Godaddy, Google CheckOut, Hostgator,, NameCheap, Aliexpress, Plimus and lots of sites we can't mention here.

After payment is made, we will verify your payment and email you details of your card through the email ID provided within 1hr of purchase if we are online.

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How To Buy Cheap Virtual Credit Cards


On, we sell cheap Virtual Credit Cards, Virtual US Bank Account for US PayPal verification, PayPal account verification VISA cards and UKash Vouchers. Our VISA cards are created from Asian, European and USA banks.

On, there are some terms which you need to know before shopping and here they are:

These are VISA cards created from USA bank. AVS means Address Verification System. When we create these cards for our clients, we will give them the card details and US bank website link to register the card with either US or international address before usage.

Non-AVS VISA Cards: These VISA cards either come from Asian or European banks. There is no need to register such card. The banks that issued them doesn't have problem authorizing payment provided the card details you entered are correct.

Verification Credit Cards: These are VISA cards created for verifying AlertPay, eBay, FaceBook, Google Adwords and PayPal accounts.

UKash Vouchers: UKash vouchers can be used to fund CashU, UKash and WebMoney account. It can also be used to make payment on sites that accept UKash

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